Having to google internet slang your friend is using because you have no idea what the fuck it means.


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Having to google internet slang your friend is using because you have no idea what the fuck it means.


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  • thisisthelifeongallifrey1, 29 ad 50 please :)
  • wuhuu so here we go:

    1:Favorite 90’s song(s) and why?

    It’s basically the entire 10 things I hate about you soundtrack to be honest, because it’s awesome!! 

    29:Two things about yourself you’re trying to improve.

    I’m trying to improve the skill of saying ‘No’ because I am terrible in it. I dunno why, but I was always keen to make people comfortable, because I wanted to be treated the same way. But surprise: that doesn’t work. 

    And one of my biggest problems is procrastination… So I’m really trying to improve my productivity (gosh I hate myself for being late with stuff, but it’s like running against a wall). Maybe I’ll succeed in both things, but that’s a long way to go.

    50:Tell me why you like Tumblr. :)

    okay, hard question! I love the open-minded people around here and the “i-got-that-reference”-side of it. Like you could literally be in a fandom ABSOLUTELY NOONE OF YOUR FRIENDS/FAMILY/RELATIVES IS IN and still belong because there are always people around here feeling the same and that’s precious. You aren’t alone anymore. And you have to learn to argue with people here - state things and explain why. That’s a good way of learning to defend your point of view. So Tumblr is (besides being full of Tom Hiddleston and The Fall) one of my fav places to talk with people/strangers/friends. 

    Thanks honey! <3

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  • xxi-viiMultiples of 6? :)
  • Hey Sweetheart! Thanks for asking :D So I guess you mean

    6:An event you’re looking forward to..?

    I’ve been away so many times on concerts and journeys in summer that I really enjoy being at home alone. So I’m not really looking forward to anything than not-working and not-blaming-myself-for-being-too-lazy-for-university-stuff and so on. :) 

    Thanks for asking! LOVE ANSWERING ASKS YAY 

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tried to come up with some stimulating questions

  • 1:Favorite 90's song(s) and why?
  • 2:What your favorite thing about sex/being physically intimate with someone?
  • 3:Your favorite way to entertain yourself when you're bored?
  • 4:A funny confession.
  • 5:What are you most proud of?
  • 6:An event you're looking forward to.
  • 7:What's a great self-esteem booster for you?
  • 8:When do you feel your absolute best?
  • 9:Any short-term or long-term goals set up?
  • 10:Tell me about your favorite road trip (or any ol' adventure) you went on.
  • 11:Name 3 things on your bucket list.
  • 12:Favorite movie of your childhood?
  • 13:What's your favorite way to show affection for someone?
  • 14:Something/someone that motivates you.
  • 15:Favorite city you've visited and why.
  • 16:Your spirit animal and why.
  • 17:Tell me 3 things about yourself that you love.
  • 18:Best feeling in the world (mental or physical).
  • 19:Something you've always wanted to say but have never had the chance to until now.
  • 20:One of your favorite moments from this summer.
  • 21:What's a quality you tend to admire in others?
  • 22:What makes you feel appreciated?
  • 23:Would you like to share your Instagram/Kik/Snapchat?
  • 24:Three thoughts that have been on your mind today.
  • 25:An obstacle that you have overcome.
  • 26:Tell me about one of the favorite kisses you've had.
  • 27:Do you enjoy productive or lazy days more?
  • 28:A couple of your favorite memories.
  • 29:Two things about yourself you're trying to improve.
  • 30:Favorite activity to do in nature.
  • 31:Three movies you highly recommend to others.
  • 32:What's a compliment that people frequently give you?
  • 33:Favorite item of clothing you own and why?
  • 34:Team Aniston or Team Jolie?
  • 35:Song that you've had on repeat recently.
  • 36:Name 2 of your Role Models and why.
  • 37:Have any favorite blogs?
  • 38:What's a mistake you find yourself making repeatedly, and how do you plan on changing that?
  • 39:Tell me about one of your favorite teachers/professors and how they changed your life.
  • 40:Favorite way to turn a bad day into a good one?
  • 41:Is there something on your mind that you would just like to get off your chest?
  • 42:What do you like to do to make yourself feel better when you're sick?
  • 43:Post a selfie!
  • 44:Tell me one of your favorite personality traits about yourself.
  • 45:A piece of art (song/book/movie/comic/painting, etc) that always makes you emotional?
  • 46:Craziest thing you have done in order to talk to/be with a crush.
  • 47:Are you an emotional or logical arguer?
  • 48:How is your relationship with your family?
  • 49:Any difficult decisions that you have made recently?
  • 50:Tell me why you like Tumblr. :)
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"wow! who taught you to do your makeup like that?"image

"wow! who taught you how to make that?"


"wow! who taught you-"


why do you know so much about sex

why are you so calm about porn

Why do you know so much about murdering people

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